Iherb Review Why I Love Them

Iherb Review: Why I Love Them

Today I want to tell you all about my favorite place for health products online and online organic groceries (non perishables). It’s called iherb and they deliver all over the world. The selection is huge and there is an incredible number of well priced quality options for a healthy lifestyle. Overall I’ve found it to be the best online health food store that delivers worldwide. Read on for my complete iherb review and to find out how you can get discounts off your purchases, money back and more.

If you already know a bit about iherb and you want to go straight in and shop, click on the button below to visit the iherb official website. Even if you’re a returning customer, it’ll give you 5% off your order – bonus!

What does iherb sell?

Iherb Review Why I Love Them
Iherb Review Why I Love Them

iherb is an online health food shop that stocks amazing products across a range of categories. They have over 30 000 products on offer in total! I have personally been ordering from them for a number of years.

If you’d like to see details of some of my favorite iherb products, and the iherb products that I have personally reviewed, you can visit my personal iherb page for full details.

iherb review: why I love them

There are many reasons I love ordering from iherb. Here are a few of them:

iherb delivery time has always been very fast. When you place an order you’ll see a couple of different shipping options, which will clearly tell you when your shipment is expected to arrive. My shipments have always arrived by or before the expected delivery date, no matter where in the world I have ordered from.
The website is super informative and transparent. You can see all the ingredients and any label warnings for each and every product. Most products have a huge number of reviews so you can easily get a feel for the highly rated, best iherb products. Many users (including qualified health practitioners) provide very in depth, informative reviews
There is such a huge range. I’m all for buying locally but I often can’t find the things I’m looking for in a local store. I’m pretty much guaranteed to find what I’m looking for at iherb
It took me a while to realize, but they have a specials page where you can find a good bargain. They also have this amazing trial pricing section. This allows you to trial certain products at a rock bottom price, to see if you like them. You can select one trial per order. If you order that same product on a subsequent shop you’ll pay their regular low price. That is, the trial price is just for you to try it out once to see if you like it (honestly, there are things on there for only $0.10!)

Iherb Review Why I Love Them
Iherb Review Why I Love Them

They give you money back! Prices at iherb are already super awesome, and then they go and offer you 5% of your total order price to use towards your next order! You can visit the iherb official site via the button below to get your 5% discount.